BlockShare native app design.

Concept for a blockchain mobile news app called BlockShare. I created the logo and icons in Illustrator, the UI layouts in Sketch, and a prototype in Principle.

Overall I wanted the layout to be simple, elegant, and highly visual. For the landing page, my inspiration was to create a large cover for each article, rather than a list of small thumbnails. The landing page would be populated with the most recent articles by default, but could be curated to keep breaking news or feature stories at the top. 

For the article layout, I wanted to prioritize easy readability. For large blocks of text, I often prefer a simple serif font, sized and spaced to minimize the stress of reading on a small screen. The author's social media is linked next to their name at the top of the article for transparency and to foster an online dialogue. A social sharing icon in the top right of the article screen allows the viewer to share the article on multiple channels.

At the very bottom of the article page, viewers are presented with a preview of a related story to foster continued engagement with the content.